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Fußballspieler auf Bank

Football Camps

Does your football club want to hold a football camp? I am happy to take over the overall planning and implementation of the camp at interesting conditions.

Of course, every participant will receive a training confirmation signed by me at the end of the camp.
On request, I can also take care of the food and, if necessary, the transport and accommodation for the camp participants.


football clubs
The first 90 minutes are the hardest
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Fußballspieler auf Bank
Ältere Fußballspieler
Ältere Fußballspieler

Own football match

Would you like to hold a professional football match at your event? On yiour birthday? At a club or company event?

I am happy to take over the planning of the game, be the referee (with UEFA A license) during the game and give you my professional game analyse after the match.
If you wish, I can also take care of the T-shirts for the players designed according to your wishes and the trophy for the winning team.

The next game is always the hardest
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